Design Harmony

the start of designHARMONY, a full-service
home + interior design and remodel firm

september 14, 2023

the before, the start + why our founder Harmony pivoted
in order to be closer to the end user of her designs

                 Interior design is personal.
                 Often very personal.

              Throughout Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville, Mercer Island and across the mountains in Cle Elm, we are in our clients’ homes for months at a time. Since we offer full-service interior design + full home renovation, down to every last detail, we really get to know our clients. We meet their extended families. We see them in their bathrobes early in the morning and with a glass of wine in the evening. We get to know them, their children, their pets and the things that make them unique. We learn about things they’ve been through and things they are going through. It is a privilege and a gift to be welcomed into their homes.

              Specializing in residential full service interior design is what I am most passionate about. It is the reason I pivoted my design career. For over a decade I was working in Apparel Design, flying from Seattle to Asia regularly and loving every minute of it. One job led to the next in the small Seattle athletic apparel companies that I felt so connected to. About twelve years in, I started to feel stagnate, unchallenged and very, very far removed from the people wearing the yoga pants, running jackets + mountaineering gear I was designing.

                   I wanted to be closer to the end user of my designs.

             In 2006 I started designHARMONY to focus solely on interior design services, kitchen remodels throughout Kirkland and the Seattle area. I started to offer design services for full home renovations and home remodeling in the Pacific Northwest. Although my education was in apparel design the general concepts applied when transitioning into interior design. With that said, I jumped two feet into a completely new industry with little knowledge of where to start. It was thrilling at times and constantly overwhelming, and I was excited about design again! Finally, I was challenged and learning every day. Learning so much in fact I often found it very hard to get some shuteye.

                  In 2009 I was newly married, working out of my Kirkland home office, designing for some incredible clients who I still to this day receive calls from when they are needing my services for their next home remodel project! Business was booming and I was expecting my son Holden to arrive summer of 2011. One interior job led to the next, and the next, and quickly I was busy.

                    Very busy.

          Going from running my home remodel and interior design service based business, to being a working mom was a huge transition! Highs and lows for sure. It was tricky juggling the needs of my family with the needs of my clients while under construction and throughout the full home design process as things move quickly!

           Yet, something was really clicking, my full-service interior design business was flourishing. I genuinely care about my clients, getting to know them and what makes them all unique. Each one is so different than the other which I find so intriguing. I never want to have my client’s new kitchen remodel or their interior design in their homes, look like mine.

               It had to be personal to each of them.

           I know one of my biggest strengths is being an advocate for each spouse as often their wants + wishes vary. They do not always see eye to eye on where to splurge and where to save. I love with our clients, getting to know them and how they wanted to live in their home was so exciting. It is a challenge I enjoy to this day. No home, no one person is the same.

          Over the next few blog posts, I’ll take you into the homes of my very valued clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Bellevue, Woodinville, Bothell, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Redmond and beyond. Many of whom are in my self-published book designed To Be HOME and whom we are under construction for their current remodel + renovation project or currently in the interior design phase.

                  You’ll learn more about them, the designs specific to their needs and a bit about me. Stay tuned!

                  Cheers, Harmony